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Tubular LED grow light
Category: Lighting

WEX-C150 High Power LED Grow Light Specifications: 1. Power: 150W 2. Voltage: 110 to 240V 3. Number of diodes: 52 pieces 3W high power diodes 4. Wavelength: 660nm, 630nm, 460nm or make to order 5. Color: red, blue, white, orange or combination (ratio can be customized) 6. Installation height above plants: 1 to 13 feet Features: 1. Saves about 80% on energy compared to HPS or MH light 2. Built-in switch mode power and electronic transformer, convenient to use 3. Easy to install and use, plugs directly into an (110 to 240V) electrical outlet 4. Promotes plant growth, budding, and flowering 5. Approximately 80% light of WEX-C150 can be absorbed by plants 6. Reduces grow room temperature 50 to 60℉compared to HPS/MH light 7. 120 wide-angle beam 8. 3-year warranty

List Date: 2009-06-19
Contact Name: Sonny John
Contact Number: 757-277-1614
Contact Email:
City Virginia Beach
State Virginia - USA
Asking Price 0.00
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Tubular LED grow light

WEX-C150 High Power LED Grow Light
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