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Encephalartos seeds and seedlings
Category: Plants For Sale

Dear Cycad buyers, we have new arrival for the following seeds below. All you need to do is to look carefully at our lovely species and make us know what you are interested in and we will give you the best prices at all times. Encephalartos horridus Encephalartos poggei Encephalartos aemulans Encephalartos altensteinii Encephalartos equatorialis Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi Encephalartos hildebrandtii Encephalartos imbricans Encephalartos arenarius Encephalartos hirsutus Encephalartos barteri Encephalartos graniticolus Encephalartos kisambo Encephalartos ituriensis Encephalartos hildebrandtii Encephalartos lanatus Encephalartos bubalinus Encephalartos latifrons Encephalartos caffer Encephalartos kanga Encephalartos humilis Encephalartos longifolius Encephalartos chimanimaniensis Encephalartos lehmannii Encephalartos concinnus Encephalartos manikensis Encephalartos cupidus Encephalartos natalensis Encephalartos cycadifolius Encephalartos senticosus Encephalartos delucanus Encephalartos turneri Encephalartos dolomiticus Encephalartos princeps Encephalartos laevifolius Encephalartos munchii Encephalartos middelburgensis Encephalartos transvenosus Encephalartos aplanatus Encephalartos whitelockii Encephalartos eugene-maraisii Encephalartos eximius Encephalartos marunguensis Encephalartos cerinus Encephalartos lebomboensis Encephalartos ghellinckii Encephalartos ferox Encephalartos heenanii Encephalartos sclavoi Encephalartos gratus Encephalartos nubimontanus Encephalartos dyerianus Encephalartos inopinus Encephalartos mackenzi Encephalartos schmitzii Encephalartos trispinosus Encephalartos msinganus Encephalartos umbeluziensis We assured that all our seeds have been subjected to the float test and we are confident about which seeds we pick to send to our buyers. Be rest assured fast and speedy delivery is our main objective. Contact now for our seeds are fresh, fertile and healthy.

List Date: 2015-07-03
Contact Name: Mergan Xhanti
Contact Number: +270710005856
Contact Email:
City Cape Town
State International -
Asking Price 300.00
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