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Swingtec TwinStar Electric cold fogger / sprayer / adulticide applicator
Category: Equipment

Swingtec Fontan Twinstar is an electrically driven cold fogging machine with an electronic keyboard and timer. Continuous agitation keeps the chemical agent in suspension. This function can be switched off. Continuous air circulation by fans transports and distributes the droplets evenly, with programmable pre- and post-blowing phases. The fogging quantity is controlled: The machines do not run a set time, but as long as the preselected quantity is being applied. All functions can also be controlled manually. The ventilators are height adjustable as well as horizontal and vertical angle adjustable. The low pressure system allows the use of a nozzle system with relatively large dimensions. Thus wettable powder suspensions can be applied without the danger of nozzle blocking. A strong electrical blower transports the aerosol fog up to a distance of 60m 197 feet and distributes the droplets evenly by a horizontal and vertical forced air circulation. 30 litre 8 US liquid gallons chemical tank. 2 three phase motors with integrated automatic thermo-fuse and protective switch. 220 volt. 30 litre 8 US liquid gallons solution tank. 2.5 litre .66 US liquid gallon container for the flushing liquid. 2 Rotary pumps oil & maintenance free Agitator motor 24 VDC with on off switch thermo fuse. Ventilator motor is 2 three phase motors. Electronic keyboard has the following preselection up to 10 hours, automatic run of programme, agitator permanent function can be switched off, automatic stop, diagnosis of malfunction is at the keyboard. Standard Accessories: solution tank with agitator, container for flushing, funnel with strainer, nozzle cleaning cap, tools, set of solution nozzles, instruction manual. Also known as an Adulticide applicator. May be able to deliver Canada or U.S.

List Date: 2014-01-09
Contact Name: Dave
Contact Number: 519-933-5161
Contact Email:
City strathroy
State Ontario - CAN
Asking Price 5000.00
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swingtec 2

sprayer 2
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sprayer 3
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